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How The Simple Assistant started.

So where to begin. Hi I'm Kellie, owner, operator, CEO, and all other fancy titles, of The Simple Assistant, LLC.

I have been married to my awesome hubby for 13 years, mama to a cool kid, owner of two crazy-fun dogs, and a lover of working out and being active!

Ok, so almost four years ago my husband and I started our own home inspection business, where he inspected and I took on the role of office manager, marketing director, inspection scheduler/coordinator, and customer service rep. Wearing many hats in our inspection business helped me realize how much I enjoy administrative-type work, such as email management, scheduling/coordinating, proof-reading different documents, etc... as well as how much I love working with people! Hmm maybe I should have done the inspecting too, just kidding, the husband was great at that part and I most definitely would not have been lol (he saw too many creepy crawlers and went into some tight-fitting and dirty places, no thanks)!!

A few months ago we decided the home inspection business was no longer a great fit for our family and have since stopped operating. At first I wasn't sure what to do with my time, and enjoyed long leisurely walks with my dogs, many hours of doing puzzles, reading, playing on my phone and kind of just twiddling my thumbs (pretty boring). Finally, I kind of got bored of being bored and decided to start my own business. I knew what I was great at and what I loved doing, and that's pretty much how The Simple Assistant came to be!

So what is exactly is the The Simple Assistant?? It's a virtual assistant business where my focus is on handling the simple tasks, so you can focus on the bigger tasks. Working with my husband operating our home inspection business I was able to learn more about myself and what I loved to do. I love that being a VA (virtual assistant) allows me the opportunity to do so many of the same tasks I had been doing plus more! I now work with busy small business owners and entrepreneurs handling the day-to-day tasks and being their go-to "Simple Assistant". In addition to assisting with office tasks and customer service, I've added Social Media Management, and brand/logo design to the services I offer. I love what I do, and love the opportunity I have to serve so many amazing individuals!

I'm really excited to share what I learn along the way, such as organizational tips for life or business, different programs, different tips/tricks I pick up, etc... this is going to be so much fun!

Thanks so much for being here and I can't wait to connect with you all!

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